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Sweet, Sweet Success

Do You Remember These?

On most of our high streets we find a small trip down memory lane with a retro sweet shop.  We are often taken back to our childhoods gazing through the window in awe at what looks like hundreds of jars containing almost every imaginable type of sweet we could think of.

One of our ABC Awards Level 1 Art, Design and Creative Studies learners has taken these retro memories to a whole new level with their 3D printed model creation…. a gum ball or sweet vending machine!

The 1:10 scale version of an old fashioned sweet vending machine that many of us will remember from our childhoods took over 12 hours of printing time on the 3D printer making the outside of the machine and it’s parts.  In total the machine had over 14 parts, even though you can not see a lot of them.  The end result is spectacular a fully functioning scale model of an old fashioned sweet vending machine.

Filled with different flavours of Millions sweets the colour of the machine is tempting all of us in the office to want to relive our childhood memories and turn the handle to be dispensed some sweets.  By the time you are reading this news article we can’t promise the jar containing the sweets will be quite as full as in the photograph!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of models that you can select from and print on a 3D printer.  On our courses our tutors will teach you how to create something spectacular and unique.  Get in contact if you want to know more about what we do.