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Supporting The RSPCA

As the old saying goes, dogs are not just for Christmas – but this applies to all animals.

Brand Recovery were saddened to hear about increased numbers of animals being taken to the RSPCA Shelter in Derby in January 2017. We decided to make our contribution to supporting the invaluable work provided by the RSPCA by committing to make a number of pet beds. Our learners at the KTL/Brand Recovery Sewing Academy have worked superbly to make a number of pet beds which were donated to the RSPCA earlier this week.

We really hope that the animals will enjoy the comfort of their new beds whilst waiting to find their new homes and owners. We are going to continue our support by providing a range of cat beds in the coming weeks to continue to support our local RSPCA shelter.

For most of us the thought of having a pet and close companion at home is really appealing and can offer lots of love, fun and companionship. Please think before you commit to having a pet:


Firstly, can you afford it?
Think in the long term and calculate all the costs. The average lifetime cost of owning a dog or cat, for instance, is up to £17,200. Consider the cost of food, injections, being neutered and don’t forget sporadic vet bills
Do you have the time?
What hours do you work? Will you have time to take a dog for a walk at least twice a day? It is recommended not to leave a dog alone for longer than four hours a day.


Can you give them everything they need?
Do you live in a house with a big garden? Or do you have a one bedroom flat – depending on the animal you’re after, be sure you have the space to make them happy and healthy throughout their life